Chaos in Brazil

He spoke yesterday afternoon with a great politician, experienced and respected ex-councilman and deputy for four terms in the Legislative Assembly of MS, while we exchanged a “prose”, we watched TV Senado. Between one speech and another, the senators were quite outraged by the current situation in the country. The question I asked the noble colleague Valdenir Machado is: Do those who criticize politicians behave differently if they hold the same positions? Whether he is a consumer or entrepreneur, a public servant or employee of private enterprise, whether young or old, would adopt behavior, just as described by Kant in his well-known book “Critique of Practical Reason?

Science and technology develop much more than inner human existence. However, these important and undeniable achievements of man do not provide equal evolution in the field of ethics and morals. The great dispute of spaces and the perennial struggle for the power brutalize the man, that happens to see its like like an opponent a competitor. Society is divided between those who “step on” and those who are “trampled” – placing equal people on different planes – the best equipped of means will inexorably lead the destiny of their fellow men who have fewer resources. Holders of strong influence, considering economic, social and demagogic power, lead the preferences of the whole society. But this does not mean that the less favored by luck use as a pretext to justify their vices and their unhappiness.

We are experiencing a crisis of legitimacy in the political model because it does not correspond to the needs of participation and change in civil society; We are experiencing a crisis of representation of the traditional political parties, linked to the regional oligarchies and to the great national bourgeoisies, as well as of the left parties that have adapted swiftly to the status quo and traditional political practices. Before the economic or political crisis, we experienced a deep moral crisis in Brazil and, among other reasons, due to the fragility in our formation. The hope of enriching easy and the certainty of impunity is greater than the fear of being caught, which is why it is worth risking.

Ethics is restricted to the particular field of human character and conduct, insofar as it relates to certain moral principles, in general terms, Ethics and Morality are values of the free man. Moral, in turn, is the set of norms that regulate the behavior of men in Society. In the first, Moral a set of values. In ethics, a set of rules. Ethics is the way in which man should behave in the social environment. It is the science of human conduct. It is closely related to the character of people. Ethics would be the science that studies human conduct and morality would be the quality of this conduct.
The recent episodes in the Brazilian parliament and widely exposed by the media demonstrate the total lack of commitment to collective interests and crystallizes the moral crisis. Our representatives in parliament seem to be preoccupied only with their own retention of power and the attainment of personal advantages, driven by a devilish inclination that gets to anger. Anyway, all these sorts of mischief seems to show that the Brazilian people live in an enormous carnival of banderas, in an incessant orgy of swindles that are repeated so often that, about two or three months after the last scandal, there is no longer any recollection Of the details of the former.

This very desperate reality, while discouraging and discouraging, allows us to reflect on the sources of Brazilian misfortunes, among them the growing moral crisis. Not only the inflation and the shameful position of Brazil in all indicators of development and civility, the news published by the media in recent times lead us to conclude that we live in a state of barbarism. The rampant and multi-party robbery at Petrobras and others that will certainly come. It is my friend Valdenir, all this forces us to a deep reflection. The change is in each one of us!
Collaboration of Juliana Alves, Brazil